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Hampshire YFC was originally formed in the 1930’s to create a social club for young people living in the countryside.  Today, our function is the same – to provide fun for the younger rural community! After all, we are the future of the British countryside!


So, how do we do this?



Charity is an important aspect of YFC. Hampshire YFC is itself a Charity run by the members, for the members so we raise money both ourselves and of course other local charities. Hampshire YFC has raised over £15,000 for charities over the last year (2016-2017).


We run a varied calendar of competitions throughout the year including Farm Skills, Stock Judging and Public Speaking. All members are invited to compete within different age ranges and we offer various classes to cater for the novice to the expert!


Young Farmers Clubs (YFC) gives you a great opportunity to socialise and make many new friends. There are literally hundreds of YFC events every year ranging from local YFC discos to the Annual County Dance. Being a YFC member provides you with a network of friends to share ideas and if you are under driving age, transport to help you get out and about. There are several clubs based within Hampshire and you can see where your nearest one is by clicking "Contact" at the top of this page.




Young Farmers is dedicated to improving its member's opportunities as much as possible. Whether it be learning about farming and the countryside through meetings or nationally certified training courses. YFC is committed to offering its members opportunities to go on training courses, historically courses such as Chainsaw training, trailer trainining and welding have been offered, and these would come with national certification as well. Where possible we look for sponsorship/discounts to reduce the cost for our members.

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